Brussels sprouts with bacon

Posted on 06 September 2012

I’m still sometimes surprised by the thought of my children being much in love with brussels sprouts. One of my biggest challenges as a mother is how to make them eat vegetable without force and it’s much more likely to imagine that they’d favour other vegetables but not brussels sprouts, never brussels sprouts. But in fact they do.

Probably the most common way of cooking brussels sprouts would be blanching them first before anything else. Jem prefers not to blanch to keep the crunch. He introduced brussels sprouts to the children as baby cabbages, and added two of their favourite things—bacon and maple syrup—to the mix. The sweetness of maple syrup and the smokiness of the bacon lift the brussels sprouts up from its slight bitter taste into scrumptious goodness.


10 pcs brussels sprouts
2 strips bacon
3 tbsp butter
1 tbsp maple syrup
kosher salt and pepper

Trim bottom of brussels sprouts and cut in halves. Wash and set aside.

Slice bacon into small pieces. Using a 6 or 8-inch sauté pan (preferably NOT nonstick), cook the bacon over medium heat. Render the fat off and continue cooking the bacon until it has a chewy consistency. Set aside.

Over medium heat, using the same pan (don’t worry about the bacon bits stuck to the pan, they add to the flavour), cook butter, maple syrup, and halved brussels sprouts. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Toss the pan every now and then so the maple syrup doesn’t burn. Add the cooked bacon. Let the brussels sprouts absorb all the liquid, until caramelized.

1 serving if you’re eating the dish by itself (as I normally do). 2 servings if you’re having it as a side or an appetizer.

Note: To elevate this dish even further, you could try using double-smoked bacon instead.

8 responses to Brussels sprouts with bacon

  • Mitz says:

    Am I having this tomorrow at Dani’s birthday? :D

  • michel says:

    hi claire, when are you cpùing to brussels with your family ? just for the brussels sprout of course ;-)

  • Cathy says:

    Kris, i saw these at WalMart last Friday. I thought they were baby cabbages too!!! I didn’t get them. I got a pack of snack peas since i always see them online. We got the regular sweet peas (the flat ones) back in the Phils. The fat ones here are the ones i see on South Beach for snacking. I have not opened the pack yet though. I’m so giddy with all the food choices here hahaha!!!!! Must try those brussel sprouts sometime :)

    • claire says:

      Cath, we’re happy to see you excited! So many new ingredients to experiment with, right? We’re looking forward to see you try the brussels sprouts. Hope Bianca gets to love them as much as the boys do.

  • GayGay says:

    Hi Ate Istin and Kuya Jem! We tried the recipe and it was yummy. We loved it. Thanks for sharing this:)

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